The Benefits of Repairing vs. Replacing Your Windshield

Watch the informative video below on the possible
dangers of replacing your windshield.

Windshield Repair:
The superior alternative to windshield replacement!

  • Structural integrity of windshield stays intact. (Conclusive tests show our resins are over 50% stronger than the actual glass itself.)
  • When a windshield is replaced the factory seal can  never be restored. There is also a possibility that the windshield can actually be blown out in an accident (see video above).  A windshield provides at minimum 20% of the crash pulse that tells the airbag when to go off.*
  • Nearly all replacement windshields do not meet the higher safety standards of the original manufacturer of the vehicle. 
  • Replacement windshields typically crack much easier.
  • You can save hundreds of dollars by having your windshield repaired rather than replaced.
  • A repair will not affect your insurance rate and many insurance companies may pay for some or even all of the repair.

*'The OE Seal is part of the crash pulse telling the air bag when to go off and can be altered when a windshield is replaced because, most of the time, glass shops will not look up the urethane used at the factory.  This means the modulus will be different and alter the timing of the airbag which will render it useless.”
          (Source: Ultra Bond Windshield Crack Repair Training Manual,


Estimated Costs

New Discounted Pricing!!!

You will be given a quote before any work is done.  

Chip Repair.……………..$50-75

        Now only $35-50!

Crack under 6 Inches...$75-100

        Now only $50-75!

Crack over 6 Inches.…..$90-125

        Now only $75-90!

Floater Crack*…………...$100-150

        Now only $90-120!

*The floater crack is a chip that was ignored and cracked from a drastic temperature change, sometimes caused by the defroster or a car wash.  Unlike most cracks, this crack does not run from the edge and therefore it is called a floater crack because it is floating in the interior of the windshield and is usually horizontal. This can become the most difficult and time consuming crack repair, but only 10% of vehicles have this type of crack.   

Warranty: Most repairs come with a 4 year warranty.  
Discuss with Mike for more details.

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